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Understanding goes a long way.

Find hope through knowledge.

Sometimes the battle against pain can seem endless. And answers aren’t always easy to come by. Getting informed is a good way to cope with these uncertainties. The more you understand your options and the more educated you are about your decisions, the easier it will be to talk to your physicians and choose the best plan of care.

procedureUnderstanding types of pain

Acute pain is the type of pain you may experience after a fall or after surgery. It’s often described as a sharp pain that gradually subsides over time.

Pain lasting for more than three months is considered to be chronic. Chronic pain may be caused by a variety of ailments including fibromyalgia, neuropathy, an acute injury or surgery. Beyond the pain site, chronic pain also affects your quality of life, from your ability to do your job and perform daily activities to sleeping and maintaining relationships. That’s why we believe in an integrated approach to pain management—to treat your pain from all sides.

At Boston Pain Care, we specialize in the assessment of acute and chronic pain, pain therapies and management.

Everyone’s experience is unique.

Sometimes hearing about someone else’s journey gives you the courage to press on through your own. Our patients’ stories also help move us forward. Hear what they said in their own words.

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