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Our Specialists

At Boston PainCare, we have an interdisciplinary team of medical specialists who work together to assess and diagnose all types of pain disorders and determine appropriate treatments. Our team includes specialists from the following disciplines, listed below. We also offer options in complementary medicine to enhance your plan of care.

Physical Performance Specialist: assesses patients using computerized tools to establish objective baseline measurements and document patient progress.

Physiatrist: provides specialized neurological assessment including electrodiagnostic testing. Also assesses patient pain and function levels, and determines appropriate physical therapy.

Interventional Pain Specialist: provides a thorough assessment and evaluation in order to diagnose pain disorders and develop treatment plans. Performs procedures including epidural steroid injections, facet injections, radiofrequency ablation, and spinal cord stimulators.

Neurologist/Headache Specialist: evaluates and treats pain disorders particularly of the head, neck, and face including neuralgia, atypical facial pain, and migraine headaches. Also performs procedures including nerve blocks, trigger point injections, and Botox injection therapy.

Behavioral Health Specialists: provide tools to help patients learn how to cope with the complexities of living with chronic pain.

Sleep Specialist: specializes in the evaluation and treatment of sleep disorders.

Physical Therapists: focus on increasing patient strength and regaining functionality using specialized muscle strengthening techniques and Monitored Rehabilitation Systems.


In additional to our “on-site” staff we have a large network of specialists to whom we regularly refer patients for specialized care. These specialists consist of physicians from many different disciplines including Neurosurgery and Rheumatology. Our goal is for every patient at Boston PainCare to receive the care they need to treat and manage their chronic pain.

Most major insurance plans are accepted. If you have any questions regarding your care, please call us at 781.647.PAIN (7246).

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